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The Pink Church offers two educational options for families with children.  Since 1995, Imagination Station Preschool has offered Pre-k 2, 3 and 4 year old classes and believes in balancing play, character development, God’s word and academics into the curriculum.  In 2009, Lighthouse Christian School was opened in an effort to provide an extension of the fine preschool education already in progress.  "LCS" offers classes for kindergarten through grade 8 with a chapel service held on Friday mornings. 



Our mission & vision is to teach the whole child - heart & mind. Through a child’s natural instinct of play, Christian values, creativity, self-esteem, communication and relationships are nurtured to build a strong foundation for school in each child.

Imagination Station offers preschool five days per week from 8:15 to 12:15.Early care is available at 7:00 a.m.  Enrichment classes are offered until 2:15 pm as well as extended care from 2:15-4pm.  Enrichment classes include yoga, science, cooking, math, art and art history, music and movement and many more!  

For our parents:

Cooperative Playgroup is offered once per week for children aged 10 months (must be walking)  through 22 months.  

MOPS, International is a wonderful support group for moms.  We meet on the first and third Friday of every month at 8:45 a.m.  Childcare is available in the preschool.

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The school’s stated philosophy:  Academic excellence is the focus. LCS believes that to achieve academically, it is important to develop the skills and character of its students individually. In addition, it is the goal of teachers and staff to encourage the whole child by infusing Christian values into an individually tailored curriculum.  Maintaining a low student/teacher ratio is the key to deciphering and meeting each student’s educational needs.

Reading, Mathematics, Language Arts, Science and Social Studies are the core of daily studies.  Skill development includes foreign language, religion, physical education and the arts.  Through lessons focusing on respect, generosity, compassion, kindness and responsibility, they prepare students for the challenges of making difficult decisions and standing up to peer pressure.

LCS strives to create a purposeful partnership with the families of its students. This partnership nurtures the relationship between the home and school through social and educational functions that further its mission.  Grandparents Day in addition to open houses are now conducted annually that enables extended families to learn more about their child’s education.  In addition, chapel is held every Friday morning and parents are encouraged to come join their child in announcements and worship.

LCS also believes in the mission of First Presbyterian Church of Pompano Beach, which states that we welcome all people.

Enthusiastic fundraising is conducted by and for school families in events large and small. The Draw Down event, Disney Christmas Fellowship weekend, Pumpkin Patch pumpkin sale, Pancake Breakfasts, Spring Swing dance and tennis tournament weekend, Pink Lemonade Party and many Bake Sales allow the raising of much needed funds while building family spirit.  


ACCREDITATION:  LCS’s accreditation is with the Association of Independent Schools of Florida (AISF).  

LUNCH PROGRAM:  LCS provides a hot lunch program with the option to upsize portions for older students.  

CURRICULUM:  LCS piloted Sadlier Match for Middle School and added advanced Language Arts for grade 8.

AFTER SCHOOL ACTIVITIES:  LCS provides an afterschool enrichment program to offer piano and voice lessons.  Robotics and Crazy About Animals, Little Chefs, and guitar lessons are also available.  In addition, clubs have been developed for tennis, drama, chess, elementary choir (Choir on Fire), Junior Art Club, gardening, and French club.  Arrangements are also being made to begin a fishing club.

ANNUAL COMMENCEMENT:  Graduation ceremonies are held in the Sanctuary each year.

AFTER SCHOOL PROGRAM:   The After School Program is available that offers an opportunity for art, Bible study, literature appreciation, French, Cherub Choir, fishing, homework assistance, snack and free outdoor play.  This program provides affordable aftercare on a monthly or even ‘drop-in’ basis to children in grades PK-5 from Norcrest Elementary School, Imagination Station Preschool and LCS.


September 8 & 9, 2018

Rock the Universe! is open to all Youth Group members from First Presbyterian Church, 6th to 12th grade. Participants leave Sat., Sept. 8 and arrive back early Sept. 9.

All participants are required to place a $50 deposit to hold a spot on the trip.  Deposits are due August 15, 2018 and can be paid via check or online registration.

PDF Registration Form

PDF Parent Consent and Liability Release Form


Need more information: youthgroup@thepinkchurch.org